Cow spits on lubricant that protects against HIV and herpes

A lubricant that protects against HIV and herpes viruses throughout intercourse sounds too good. But Swedish scientists have developed simply that.

The miracle treatment has a really efficient secret ingredient: cow saliva. You can learn the way it will possibly assist against infectious viruses right here.

That’s why cow spitting on the grease works wonders

Researchers led by Hinji Yang, a scientist on the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, have developed a brand new lubricant. The foundation of the gel is cow’s saliva, which accommodates a mucin protecting substance.

Mucins are mucus and serve to guard the mucosa from chemical, mechanical and bodily stimuli. Mucins in saliva are chargeable for greasiness of meals and viscosity of liquids. The substance is discovered not solely in people and animals, but additionally in crops.

According to the analysis crew, the effectiveness of mucin molecules against herpes and HIV viruses is primarily as a result of reality that the substance could be very complicated.

Here’s the way it works: The mucin molecules it accommodates bind the viruses to themselves, then encompass them, and then break them down once more by means of mucus alternate.

The drugs has good outcomes from the standpoint of animal welfare as a result of: Although cow’s mucin is utilized in manufacturing, it’s produced synthetically. In this fashion, the cows aren’t harmed in the course of the manufacturing of the product.

The product should have no unwanted side effects. Unlike different antiviral brokers, the lubricating gel guarantees that customers is not going to develop any resistance.

When to make use of the device?

Lubricant is helpful in each means, as a result of safety against sexually transmitted illnesses throughout intercourse is all the time a excessive precedence. But above all, the lube is supposed to assist those that haven’t got condoms on hand, or those that need to have double safety in case a condom breaks.

A saliva-based agent can be utilized in each heterosexual and gay relationships.

Although condom use provides higher general safety against sexually transmitted illnesses, the brand new lubricant is 70 % efficient against HIV and 80 % efficient against herpes!

If you actually need to use the therapy now, sadly, you’ll have to be affected person. The drug isn’t but on the market.

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