New protective mask warns against flu and corona viruses


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  • One a brand new protective mask acknowledges that Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 in addition to H1N1 and H5N1 influenza viruses within the breath
  • the bioelectronic mask use aptamers that bind to particular viral proteins
  • If there are viruses within the air they breathe, carriers will choose it up alert on their smartphone

A brand new protective mask can detect flu and coronaviruses within the air to warn customers in harmful areas.

Shanghai (China). According to analysis, protective masks, if used accurately, can considerably scale back the danger of contracting varied viruses. Scientists from Tunji University have now proposed a bioelectronic mouth and nostril mask that may not solely defend individuals from infections, but additionally detect airborne viruses.

According to the publication within the specialised journal Matter, the mask prototype can detect the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus and the H1N1 and H5N1 influenza viruses utilizing particular sensors. Virus detection takes about ten minutes. The individual sporting the brand new mask will routinely obtain a message on their smartphone.

High virus load warning

Both the flu virus and the coronavirus are transmitted by aerosols and tiny air droplets launched when contaminated individuals breathe, discuss, and cough. As Yin Fan defined, the bioelectronic mask is designed to alert customers when they’re in an setting with a excessive viral load.

“Our mask works very nicely in poorly ventilated areas, resembling elevators or closed areas with a excessive threat of an infection.”

Virus detection by aptamer

Viruses are acknowledged by aptamers (items of DNA) that particular viral proteins can bind to. When such a protein docks with the aptamer within the mask, a sign is generated that’s amplified by an ion-driven transistor. For this objective, the ions are contained in a gel, that’s, an elastic stable materials that may be simply built-in into a versatile digital circuit. The change happens when viral proteins purchase aptamers.

The mask has three sensors

The present model of the mask has three sensors tailored to 2 flu viruses and one corona virus. Thus, all three viruses could be detected independently if they’re within the air on the identical time. The detected viral load is then transmitted wirelessly to the consumer’s smartphone.

“Users can share the outcomes with public well being amenities by a cloud database for quick help and present necessary info for early management of epidemics.”

According to the builders, it may also be tailored to different airborne viruses with little effort.

High sensitivity sensors

The sensitivity of the sensors may be very excessive. Viruses can already be detected from a drop of 0.3 microliter (one thousandth of a milliliter). When you sneeze, as much as 560 occasions extra liquid comes out. The sensors detect three viruses in gases as small as 0.1 femtograms (one trillionth of a milligram) per milliliter.

According to Fang, the mask not solely prevents an infection, but additionally helps docs diagnose and Fang.

“Diagnosis and remedy of ailments will grow to be extra correct because of the wealthy knowledge collected from wearable units.”

Currently, scientists are engaged on additional growing the sensitivity of the sensors. They must additional optimize aptamers and transistors.

Matter, doi: 10.1016/j.matt.2022.08.020


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